By siteadmin | Content Marketing | 25 March 2013

Whether your blog is about business products, brands, finance or beauty, you can make it happen by following these dos and don’ts. If you are not getting followers in the first month, be patient. It does takes time to attract readers.

Do connect to Other Bloggers
It is essential to link with other bloggers on a regular basis. This will draw more traffic to your site and start a conversation. If you have got an idea from another blogger, it would be a good move to link back to him so that he gets credit. If you start this process, the other bloggers in turn will link back to you.

Do Respond to Your Comments
Reply to your comments and interact with the people who have commented. Simply acknowledging a reader by replying, ‘Thanks for commenting’ will go a long way and the reader will appreciate that you have taken time to respond.

Don’t Make Spelling and Grammar Errors
Check your blog thoroughly for any spelling or grammatical errors. Readers might discontinue to read your blog, if there are consistent errors. Take a 8-10 minutes to proof read your blogs.

Do Include Images
People like looking at images, so include images in your blog. Including images in your photos will also help your blog rate higher in search engines.

Don’t Write lengthy Paragraphs
Long texts can be dull and difficult to read. Make sure you split your posts into smaller paragraphs. Each paragraph should not have more than five or six sentences in it. Work with bullets and sub heads wherever possible. Particularly if you are writing a post on technology then ensure that your discussion is in bullets.

Do Market Your Blog
Don’t forget to advertise your blog on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also, tell your friends and family members about your blog.

Don’t imitate Other Bloggers
Readers take interest in unique content and are not interested in Plagiarize content. It is alright to take inspiration or ideas from fellow bloggers but add your original spin to it.

Do Post Regularly
When you have a blog, it is important to post often. If you just make one post every couple of months, people will stop visiting your blog. Try to make at least two blog posts a week so that people keep coming back and it shows your active.

Don’t Play Music on Your Blog

Totally avoid playing background music on your blog. It can be distracting and disturbing for your readers. Besides, no matter how unique the piece of music maybe, it may not resonate with all readers. Few users may even dread opening your blog at their workplace.

Do use Use Attractive Titles
Have an interesting title as rejection and acceptance of the guest posts are also dependent on them. If the title of the post is attractive then surely it will grab the attention of the reader.

Don’t Use Vulnerable Statistics in the Posts.
Avoid using vulnerable stats as the figure might change with time and in the end your post will be irrelevant. However, at the same time ensure that your post does not look generic.

Do Take Rejection in a Positive Way
There is no need to be disappointed if your blog is rejected. The blog owners reject even posts of experienced writers due to several reasons. Besides, you can send your rejected posts to other blogs.

Do Keep in Touch with Blog Admin
Everyday hundreds of people apply for the guest blogging on the same site so it is possible that the admin may overlook or forget responding to your query. Therefore, if you do not get a feedback, then you can ask again or send a gentle reminder to the blog owner.



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