By siteadmin | Landing Pages Optimization | 14 March 2013

A visitor will either go through the landing page or simply click away. It takes him only about five seconds to do so. If your data shows more abandonments than conversions, think over, you might be making these deadly landing page mistakes.

1. Delusional Headlines
The headline is the first thing that gets noticed. It is therefore essential that there is a consistency between the headline and the copy. Always keep in mind to keep the form headline and page headline highly compatible and super relevant.

When you are testing your headlines, try these approaches :
Add the urgency element: Add in dates to increase the timeliness of your piece of content.
Shuffle keywords: People came because it attracted their attention, now while reading the content also this momentum should be maintained.

2. The Navigation Debate
There is always a debate surrounding the inclusion of landing page. Those who support Navigation are of the opinion that it helps visitors reach their destinations faster, whereas on the other side of the fence, few are of the opinion that navigation can lead to incomplete conversions. Many marketers choose to remove navigation on landing pages and replace it on the thank-you page once the conversion has gone through.

3. Form or hindrance ?
Forms can be a pain to fill. They can prove to be a major obstacle in the path of successful conversions. Your job as a marketer is to figure out how to make the process of filling out a form much easier.

Just include the fields that are required. Now, this can be a tricky one as you do need a certain amount of information to determine if a lead is qualified to send to your sales team. If you cannot always lessen the fields, atleast try simplifying . For example, if the audience are coming from an email, transfer that email address into the form so that they do not have to write it in.

Use Smart Fields and Progressive Profiling. Smart fields automatically disappear for repeat visitors once they have completed a form once so that they never have to fill out the same form twice. Progressive profiling allows you to add in fields over time so you do not have to ask everything at once.

4. Missing A Second Conversion Opportunity
After someone has converted on an educational whitepaper or say a phenomenal piece of content, give them a second opportunity to request a sales consultation by adding a second conversion form to the thank you page. You may get less conversions via this route, but you may still capture some.

5. Lack of Personalization
If you can personalize mails then so can you take personalization to the point of conversion and beyond. To cut the long conversation short, this simply means tailoring calls-to-action and suggested content/next steps based on what you know about a lead’s interests and past behavior. Here are a few useful ways to personalize your landing pages and thank you pages.

6. Provide a related reading list
Use the thank you page as an chance to show leads that you have recognized what they are interested in and can provide them with similar content. For example, if the content they converted on is an eBook on SEO, show them a banner for a webinar on SEO or give them a reading list of related materials.

7. Provide personalized follow-up
Similar to the point above, conversions can be used to sharpen your follow-up emails to be more aligned with the interests a lead has expressed on your site. If your leads have mentioned a specific industry while filling the form, customize your follow-up emails for that industry and the most common problems you hear from similar leads.

8. Multiple Options
You might see multiple options as helpful, but your customers do not see them the same way. It often distracts and confuses them. Your landing page does not offer a clear cut path to sale, you are one click away from losing revenue. People land on your pages with the expectation they will immediately find what they are looking for. You can make it easy for your users by providing a simple and clear path.Promoting more than one offer means creating specific landing pages for each one.

9. Inconsistency in information
When people click on a ad or a link that leads them to a landing page, they expect to find the same rates and consistent information about the products or services that had driven them previously to click on it. This makes does not make you look credible and reliable. And you might loose a sale.

Landing pages are more than just an opportunity to get contact info from your leads, they’re the beginning of a more tailored relationship with your prospective customers.



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