By siteadmin | Search Engine Optimization | 5 November 2012

If you are planning to outsource your online marketing campaign, then looking for a good SEO firm could be nerve wracking task for you. But with few questions asked prior to hiring the firm may do the trick and help you find one of the best company in Internet marking business. Below are some of the questions that we think any entrepreneur may ask the SEO firm to determine their ability and genuineness.

Since how long have you been doing SEO?

Although you don’t require a company having a lot more years of experience, you still need them to have some skills and also a few years of experience in SEO industry. You probably don’t want to be the first for a company to begin their experiment on.

Who will be handling my SEO project? What is their background in the SEO industry?

Knowing your team at first is not that mandatory, but at least knowing their skill sets is very much important as they will be working on your project if the deal is signed. Moreover, their background details will help you know about their expertise in this industry.

Do you think my industry is competitive?

This is important as you must know the current position of your business over the web and also how competitive your business has to face. You can also discuss with them what all ways exists to lead this competition.

Does my website needs a redesign?

A lot of times it has been seen that due to some design flaws a tremendous amount of visitors avoid visiting a business website, which in turn decreases ROI. Some design flaws even affects search engine results. Without fixing any of these design flaws, it will be difficult or most of the times impossible for any SEO expert to deliver good results. Hence, a brief discussion about it is necessary before starting SEO campaign.

Have you ever worked with similar sized company or one with the same industry as mine?

If you have chosen a company that has some years of experience, then they must have come across with a company that works in the same industry as you and/or of similar size.

How long do I have to wait to see the results of a campaign?

Different campaign take different time to show its effects, but an experienced SEO expert or firm will be in position to give you an estimation of it. However, this estimation is not at all fixed and may vary depending on the keyword that you want to target, geographical area where you want to target the keyword, and also the budget that you have.

What reports will I be getting and how often?

This is not so important to discuss at first prior to signing the contract with the SEO firm, and could be avoided if you don’t need to. However, it will just give you a rough estimation of what you can expect from the team that will be working on your project and when. Moreover, if there is a consistent flow of information, you will have up-to-date information about the change in sales, traffic, ranking, etc.

Is there any guarantees of your work?

In SEO, nothing is for sure and no company on Earth can assure you of the guaranteed results. If some do so, then they are certainly fooling around their customers. Still do ask it to your outsourcing company to understand what keyword phrases, search engines, and time frame they will be working on and the difficulty or competition that has to be overcome.  



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